We can select some of bigger objects that we worked on successfully, one by one:
– we moved pulverizer with all the side elements ( weight about 2.250 tons) from above-ground digs in Cerovo, to above-ground digs rtb_borVeliki Krivelj – RTB BOR GRUPA – RBB Bor,
— partly engaging on complete sanitation and reparation mine LECE near Medvedje, – making of the steel construction of the roof , as well as complete covering and bordering of the mall GRADSKA PIJACA in Jagodina, complete area 8.400 square meter,Pijaca-u-Jagodini
– shed on the marketplace in Jagodina, area 1.200 square meter, – production hall for company NESA-KOMERC in Svilajnac ,that cover area of 2.178 square meter,

sports hall in Petrovac na Mlavi area 3.200 square meter,

– work shop, and garage international transport company RMZ CAR from Ribare, near Jagodina, total area od 1.000 square meter,
– production object of the company ZIP from Paracin, with all accompanying equipment and grain elevators complete area 1200 square meter,
– silos of company EUROMLIN from Petrovac na Mlavi of total weight 1.200 cubic meter,euromiln_silosi

– cold storage with four chambers for deep freezing of company Mlavski Cvet in Petrovac na Mlavi,

– city heating system with complete disassembly, and assembly in the hospital, through community-health center in Petrovac na Mlavi altogether in length over 7.500 meter ( combining insulated and plane pipes),

– repair and sanitation of steam-boiler city heating system in towns heating plant in Petrovac na Mlavi,

– repair and sanitation stem-boiler in furniture factory “Javor” in Petrovac na Mlavi,

montaza-proizvodnih_pogona– assembly line ( in length over 2.000 meter) in montage Fiat Automobili Srbija ( about 1.000 tons),

– sanitation of flotation Veliki Krivelj RTB BOR, in sense throwing away all aged equipment, enforced carrier construction and assembly new equipment ( about 1.800 tons).

– sanitation, finishing and assembly crane lanes in flotation Veliki Kravelj.

– assembly steel construction of a market place “TEKIJANKA” in Majdanpek.tekijanka_majdanpek

All of this is just some of our work that we completed with great success, made a proposition and shortly presented, so we sincerely hope that, from all that you read above, you can recognize our abilities and capabilities of our company, and at the same time realize is it worth , in the future, form your point of view, to trust us with your other objects.