Company A&D WOOD from Dublje near the city of Svilajnac is equipped, and usually works in the area of machine industry.

There we work in areas of:
– making and assembly objects from steel construction of different purpose and dimensions , – sanitation and reparation already existing industrial wheelhouses and objects,
– maintaining industrial facilities,
– covering and securing sidelines of various large buildings, halls, storage buildings etc. for different purposes,
– making and assembly pipelines for any kind of purpose and pressure,
– sanitation and reparation industrial main heating systems as well as steam-boilers,
– making and inputting lines for steam heating,
– renting of equipment ( automobile jack, forklift trucks, working stationns, etc…)
– disassembly and removal with assembly and additional reparation of industrial machinery and objects of different purpose and sizes, etc…

A&D-WOOD_dizalicaFor work providing businesses we have at our disposal highly qualified skilled labor, with great work experience ( our workers always have medical certificates for excellent bill of health – especially for work in high places , they are qualified and competent for providing of all of our works, as well as safe and heathy work from authorized personal), as well as complete professional tools and all the equipment for one self above named work.


Also, we have complete machinery ( with all attests – always in effect ) for successful accomplishing businesses that we took, and it include:

– scissor platform for working at height;
– telescopic platforms for working at height;
– telescopic forklift ;
– truck PH from 32 tones;
– truck FAUN from 40 tons;
– truck LIEPHER from 120 tons;
– truck with Low Platform semitrailer 32 tons;
– truck with loading arm worth 10 tons;
– mobile truck for sand transport with compressor;


We also own our vehicles for transportation of our workers:
– mini buss;
– wan buss;
– pick-up vehicles;